7 Low Investment Business Ideas

Starting a new business may seem like a daunting process, but only until you realise all the steps to do it. A good business is not about the investment that goes in it, but the ideas and strategies that shape it. The money, time, and risk in a business depend totally on the business idea that you have. Here are some business ideas that do not require much investment.

Training classes

When you have a skill that you can teach to the kids, why not create a platform to deliver your service. Whether you are good at studies, art, or language, you can become a home tutor for kids while connecting with them online. You can also open real home tuition for your neighbourhood kids.

Training class

Event planner

Many family and business occasions need celebrations. You can open an event management agency or a wedding planning firm to provide your clients with ideas to host a grand party. The initial investment for this idea is low, but it can be turned into a million-dollar project in the future.

Food trucks

If you are slightly high in the investment part and have a taste for a recipe, you can open up your own food truck to provide your customers with some great food. Food trucks are the most trending ideas for new business in small towns. They can easily be moved from schools to IT parks to find different customers.

Laundry services

This is a one-time investment where the cost can be recovered in no time. You can start by providing cheap but quality services, including pick and drop service. You can also provide a small café or a reading room in your laundry store to keep your customers entertained.

Bookshop and Café

Books and coffee are the best partners for people who like to spend some lone quality time. You can open a themed bookstore and café house in your town. Try to grow to the culture of reading books among your local people and slowly make your café an ideal meeting point.

Bookshop and Café

Fitness centre

If you are well educated in physical health, you can create your own fitness centre. It does not necessarily have to be a gym, but you can also teach people other fitness routines like yoga, martial arts, etc. You can even rent a community hall every week to take your classes instead of buying a property.


If your local area is growing in tourism, you can provide tourism service for visitors. You can take people on tours around heritage sites or scenic destinations and use their positive reviews to build your tourism agency. Make sure that you plan the facilities, travelling, food, and special activities for your customer travellers so that they recommend your service to others.



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